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Safes come in many different sizes and styles. There are many different kinds of locking mechanisms and many different security features. Also, there are special safes made for specific applications and purposes. We can help you to choose the right safe for your needs.


There are many different types of safes for different purposes:

  • F-Rated safes are designed to keep paper from burning for a set number of hours.
  • B-Rated safes are constructed from tough steel and have a very strong lock.
    They are desgined to withstand attacks from burglars. Paper will burn in these safes when exposed to fire.
  • C-Rated safes are designed to withstand fire and burglary attacks.
  • Media safes are designed to protect media, such as computer disks, from fire.
  • Diversion safes are common everyday items that have a compartment in which items can be hidden.

Remember: Safes are extremely heavy and moving them is a professional’s business. Attempting to move a heavy safe without consultation from a professional is dangerous.