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Fire Doors and Frames

The best FIRE DOORS in the industry since 1979.

Architectural Door and Hardware can provide you with the best quality fire doors in the business. We also provide the best delivery times and prices in the fire door business. Due to the large sales volumes that we have with our manufacturers, we can give you the best prices on Hollow Metal Doors and fire doors. We supply a wide range of hollow metal doors, fire doors in metal, or wood fire doors, and frames. Also, we are experts with door hardware. We also supply all the hardware that goes with the doors. In the door business, this is truly one stop shopping.

Our fire doors can be of different gauges (thickness) and come with different cores or fillings. Some popular types are insulated fire doors and steel-stiffened fire doors. Gauges are typicaly 14 Gauge to 20 Gauge. Hollow metal doors and fire door fillings are usually either Polystyrene or Polyurathane. Polyurathane has the greater ‘R’ value; Approximately a 12 Value.

Our fire doors are coated with Galvaneal. This acts as a primer and helps to prevent oxidization, lengthening the life of the door. All of doors come automatically with door-closer reinforcing welded in. Our slab doors also have panic bar reinforcing welded in. Our honey-comb core is standard on all doors. Our frame can come in a variety of sizes and profiles. The most common of these are; 3-piece knock-down drywall frames, and 1-piece welded frames. They can come in single or double door frame types.


Wood Doors

Architectural Door and Hardware can supply all kinds of wood doors from residential doors to commercial doors, and from solid-core hardboard fire-rated doors to oak or maple Veneer doors and fire-rated veneer doors. We can supply your every door requirement. Fire rated wood doors are available as well with different fire rating labels. If you require fire-rated doors in wood, please call us and we can discuss your requirement.

Door Glass / Door “Lites”

Doors can come with various sized window lites. See the pictures below for sizes and shapes. The size of door glass that is permitted in any fire-door can be determined by the rating on the fire-door itself. This is a legal requirement, and must be specified carefully. Also, the types of glass can vary as well. Choose from clear glass, opaque glass, wired glass, or fire lite glass. Fire doors are required by law to have wired glass or fire lite glass. Don’t specify your door glass incorrectly or unsafely. Call us and we will be happy to advise and assist.


At Architectural Door and Hardware we have over 33 years of door and lock installation experience. When you purchase a door and frame from us, you want it installed by professionals with many years of experience. We will perform an attractive, correct, and safe installation. We know you will be satisfied with the end result.


At Architectural Door and Hardware we can deliver your fire doors, frames, and door hardware in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga, Brampton and beyond. Whether it’s a couple of doors or a truckload, we will get them to your site promptly. Please call and ask us about our delivery service.